Kids Dental Kare has a mariad of services to choose from. These service’s are offered to demonstrate that Kids Dental Kare has the most complex and comprehensive Pediatric Dental care in the industry.

The Services are:

• Cleaning/Flouride Treatment
• Preventive Care
• Pedo Partial
• Extractions
• Amalgam Fillings
• Composite Fillings
• Space Maintainers
• Kinder Crowns
• Pulpotomies
• Sealants
• Orthodontics
• Thumb Sucking Appliance

Kids Dental Kare uses only, the State of the art equipment known in the industry. By using the Digitally based equipment Kids Dental Kare has seen vast improvement in efficiency, and overall quality of care that we can deliver to our clients. We also understand the importance of keeping our ecosystem and environment healthy so we are retro-fitting all of our offices to go paperless. “Go Green”

Kids Dental Kare accepts all private insurances, DentiCal & all major credit cards, Financial assistance may be arranged for those with financial need. At Kids Dental Kare, we are your servants providing the highest quality dental care to you and your loved ones.

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