5 Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth

TeethBrush Regularly

Brushing your teeth on a regular basis (preferably after each meal) is an easy way to maintain good oral health.  Make sure to get a new toothbrush regularly.

Floss Daily

Sounds like hard work, but flossing is sure worth the trouble.  Creating a habit to floss everyday goes a long way to keeping your teeth healthy.

Watch What You Eat

Your diet could be your friend or your enemy when it comes to your oral health.  Stay away from foods high in sugar!  Especially chewy, gooey or sticky foods because they tend to stay in your mouth longer.

Don’t Smoke

Not smoking will no only help you maintain your teeth healthy, but your overall health as well.  Yellow teeth from smoking are not only hard to look at, but are also a sign of bad oral hygiene.

Keep Stress Low

Stress, anxiety and depression has been linked with gum disease.  Find ways to keep stress to a minimum, and make sure you exercise regularly.  If you are having a hard time dealing with stress, make sure you tell your doctor.

Get Preventive Dental Check Ups

It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Don’t wait until that tooth is aching before scheduling a visit to your dentist.  By the time the pain is there, it might be too late! Make a habit to visit your dentist regularly.

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