One thought on “Oxnard Kids Dental Kare Almost There!”

  1. I took my daughter to Kids Dental Karein Oxnard on 12/11/2013. I was not expecting much since it was the only place in Ventura County that took medi-cal. When I got there it was such a relief to see how clean and kid friendly it was. It had “FREE” arcade games to keep scared kids minds on something else. The receptionist was very friendly and was hassle free since it is all paperless. My daughter needed three crowns and other fillings and I was very worried that she would be traumatized on her first visit. That was not the case at all!!! Dr. Jerry did all the work in less than an hour and said she only cried when she felt the first shots. I asked her how was the shots and she didn’t even know she got a shot. With the amount of work being done on her first visit I still cant believe my little girl who wont let me get a splinter out was so brave. I thank Dr. Jerry and the whole staff for not making her terrified of the dentist like my wife is! I had no choice but to go there because of medi-cal and was very worried but I promise any parent reading this that you will not find a better kids dentist out there medi-cal or not!!

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