Dr. Lanier Guest Speaker at Punjabi Dental Society Conference

Punjabi Dental Society
At the Punjabi Dental Society Conference; Dr. D.P. Singh Nagra, Dr. R. Salwan, Dr. Jerry Lanier

Montebello, California – Dr. Jerry Lanier, founder of Kids Dental Kare, joined the Punjabi Dental Society last Sunday June 22th, where he spoke in a variety of topics regarding the Pediatric Dental Industry. Among these topics, Dr. Lanier covered behavioral techniques to optimize dental treatment for children, as well as his trademarked business systems for managing and expanding pediatric dental practices.

Dr. Lanier’s talk was received with glowing reviews and his Pedo for GP organization began subscribing new members for its online community. PEDO FOR GP is a free platform for dentists to exchange information through the network, allowing for the spread of new pediatric dental treatment methods and technologies to become standard practices.

For more information visit http://PedoForGP.com